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General Overview 

At this point, many heroes of the gaming world will be smiling and maybe even a little excited. But what could be the reason for this? Well, it's because we're getting to know the brand new Casino, which has been awaiting its release for quite some time now. In this review, we promise to show you all the highlights of the site and, of course, the weaknesses, if any, of this gaming house.

In addition to this information pack, you can also get a feel for's predecessors, which are also the work of Njord Ventures. Brands such as Buumi and Koi are certainly familiar to many and have managed to become very popular in a short space of time. I wonder if this newcomer will follow the same path?

We'll get into the newcomer's offer in more detail in a moment, but let's highlight a couple of big names right now. There's fast access with just bank IDs, which is of course very big news. There are also rumours that the game selection will increase to several thousand titles, so that's something we're looking forward to. Casino Website Layout 

The clear and concise design of the exterior is great to look at. The underlying theme is, unsurprisingly, the jokers familiar from playing cards, which are a familiar sight to card sharks, especially at the tables. In terms of theme, a better choice could not have been made, as the whole thing is a perfect fit for the gaming industry.

In terms of colour, the majority of Casino is dominated by dark tones with black leading the way. On the side, purple in various shapes and forms, which enhances and brightens up the dark background brilliantly. Elegance and clarity are what this design is all about and, at least in our opinion, it hits the bull's eye here.

In addition to the gameplay, the environment is of a very high quality and convincing, which of course takes your visit to the next level. In this day and age, you can no longer enter the market with just games, but the whole thing must be pleasing to the eye and functional. At this point, one of these requirements has been met, but what about the other? Casino UI/UX Details 

In terms of functionality, the bar is not lowered at all, but even raised slightly. In its own words, offers a magically fast and easy gaming experience, which of course is something everyone can enjoy. Current and future visitors alike can access games in under a minute, thanks of course to the modern features.

Depositing, creating an account or logging into an existing one is done with online banking credentials via a third-party service. Simultaneous processes are outpacing the old union in terms of speed, and security has been nothing but improved.

Compliments must also be directed towards the mobile operation, as is a true mobile gambler's dream. Everything, including the games, is optimised for any device, so no one is excluded from the entertainment, for example, by the brand of their phone. Play quickly and easily, anywhere, anytime. Casino Free Bonuses

Nothing spectacular was expected from the high-flying operator in terms of the launch campaign, and rightly so. In fact, Casino does not offer any kind of credit or boost on first deposits. However, this is becoming relatively standard practice for modern operators, so this certainly didn't scare the punters.

The current approach is mainly focused on playing without additional hurdles such as wagering requirements. This site, therefore, allows players to focus entirely on the fun of the game, without having to worry about any requirements or conditions.

And of course, there is a treat in store, but in a slightly different form. has introduced cashbacks as part of its operations. The percentage of wagered funds is 15%, which is a very nice coefficient by market standards. And when it still drops into your account every day, you can't complain about this deal.

New Online Casino with PNP Feature Casino Games Offering 

And just when you thought you couldn't get any more excited and interested, you're wrong. has so many different things to do that not many people could even imagine beforehand. There's sure to be something for every gamer to enjoy.

The games offer is filled to the brim with everything from slot machines to table games and betting. There are the latest treats, old favourites, jackpots and of course themed wildcard games. You can even start by trying your luck with a ‘demo' and then head for the one you like.


The best game studios in the industry are also responsible for building the selection, and has a very large number of them. NetEnt, Betsoft, Alchemy Gaming, and Microgaming, for example, so the entertainment is up to scratch. So this time, the games library is just that, the famous prime.


There's an insane amount of cash in this box, which is of course very tasty news for players. has added a wide variety of slots to the mix, which are a big hit year after year in the online gaming scene. The sky's the limit in this business, so it's on to infinity and beyond.

In terms of choice, this entertainment centre is very much in tune with today's world, with games to suit all tastes. There are even several lists under the slots, with different features and themes to guide you. For example, the ‘Easter Games' have been given their own list, which would certainly make any Nazarene proud.

Jackpot Games

We were proud before, but now it's time to be ashamed. Enter the magical term “jackpot” in the search box and you'll be presented with a mere two results. And even though these are the reasonably well-established and well-known Jackpot Builders and Jackpot 6000, there's not much left to tell posterity.

If this aspiring gaming hero wants to win over the gaming public, the jackpot section needs a lot of development. With such a poor performance, many visitors will not even dare to look in the direction of That's all for now.

Megaways Games

The fun and fast-paced entertainment come in the form of Megaways, which are once again available at Casino in stacks. In addition to the classics, it's nice to see that there are some fresh new products in the range, with themes based on real-life current affairs.

The selection may still be a little limited in this genre, but it's already delivering moments of joy to players around the world. There's certainly no dull moment with megaways, as you never know what kind of payline you're going to get on your next spin. It's a good slot after jackpots, although not quite as big a payout.

Table Games 

Hard-hitting production can also be found in the more classic gaming scene, built around live casino and table games. Well-known games such as baccarat, blackjack, and roulette can be found on both lists. The reputation of these tables is certainly well known everywhere, so there's no need to go into further detail.

At this point, it is very easy to say that is a great choice for this kind of entertainment. Each and every production is of high quality and the live action is guided by trained dealers. There is a very realistic chips experience that anyone can enjoy from the comfort of their own home. Casino Customer Service 

Whatever the season, month, or holiday, the doors to customer support are always open. Of course, we wouldn't recommend anyone to spend Christmas Eve in the heart of the gaming venue, for example, but for some, this is part of the tradition. So it is also important that help is always available.

Via the footer, you can find your way to the support portal, where you will find a contact form and important contact details. Casino receives calls for help via email ([email protected]) and live chat, so it's familiar territory. These services are easy enough to use that they don't need any instructions.

The chat allows players to find different language options, so many guests can have conversations in their native language. The service is high quality and very fast, so resolving problems shouldn't be a long process. There is also a FAQ section available, which allows you to search for information entirely on your own.

Fast Casino for Finland Casino Banking System 

It was already mentioned earlier that Casino, the star of the review, is a fast-paced destination. This means that no login or registration is required, everything is done through automatic authentication. Of course, you'll need your own online banking credentials for this, but even those are probably already in the bag for making deposits.

The money is floated towards your account as online payment, made possible by a provider called Zimpler. Speed and accuracy are the best-known features of this provider, which makes money transfers very fast and secure. With just a few clicks you have successfully completed your transaction to

When you look at the payment limits, you will also notice that they are reasonably favourable, at least in some areas. The minimum deposit is €20, which is a relatively standard limit for games. At the other extreme, withdrawals are a whopping 10,000/day, which is very tough news for players. Unfortunately, however, the minimum limit is €100, which again may not flatter the gaming public very much.

Gaming Licence Information 

Knowing that the company that owns is based on the island of Curacao, there's little need to guess at the origin of the licence (8048/JAZ). Yes, the certificate is from the same country, which is a very natural solution at this point.

The entertainment centre is therefore supervised by an authority that is becoming a relatively well-established player in these circles. The big organisation monitors the activities of the gaming houses and makes sure that they comply with the laws and other rules. From the visitors' point of view, this label is therefore very advantageous, as it makes the trips reliable and safe. Trustpilot Reviews 

“A good and smooth ride without too much of anything extra. The game library will certainly evolve along the way, so I'm not yet willing to rock the overall rating for its minor shortcomings. Overall, it's a place of a commendable standard, which can be put to the test by anyone who wants to.”

“I am very happy to give positive feedback on this site called The framework was very good and I was able to play exactly the products I had planned to play. Some details could be sharpened up a bit, but overall a very functional package.”

Players have clearly taken their first steps with and there have been no nasty surprises. Feedback is very similar and the main thing that sticks out is the consistent performance. However, the most important thing at this early stage is the smoothness of the transaction and a comfortable playing experience, and they have been able to do that.

We do not want to talk about reputation yet, as it takes a lot of time to build it up. However, if we were to bet on the future, this factor will certainly develop into a very nice middle-class entertainment house. But if you really want to amaze the gaming public, you will need a lot more than that.

Is Casino for me? 

All the solutions and choices made by the operator support one and the same objective, which is to provide players with a clear, easy and fast gaming experience. To this end, of course, fast payments and authentication have been put in place, which is at the core of the whole operation. Getting to the games is a breeze, and getting home is almost a snap of the fingers.

The other thing that supports this simple activity is, of course, the cashback system. Large promotional packages have been removed from Casino, as some feel they only complicate and distract from the essentials. To compensate for this, a daily 15% cashback has been created, which is a very good deal, especially for hard-working players.

So it's definitely not a site where you should go hunting for a grand opening offer, because you won't see one. Sure, there are some promotions and tournaments on offer, but the main focus is definitely on enjoying the products.

If this sounds good at this point, we think you won't be disappointed with what has to offer. The framework is in place and ready for fast-paced games, so there's no need to worry about the schedule either.

Is a Casino scam?

This wild clown wants nothing but the best for players, so there's no reason to suspect a scam. The purpose of Casino is to produce upturned mouths for the gaming public and of course to build its reputation as a strong brand. There is no shortcut to happiness and invariably the scams will hit you on the ankle.

The site is licensed by a strong authority, a mark of quality and integrity. Visitors can also use this as a safeguard for their own decisions, as such a large body will not give the slightest chance of slipping the rules. And if there are any challenges or grievances, you can contact the regulator yourself.

Otherwise, the operation seems to be very convincing and the transparency and accountability of, for example, are worthy of note. Of course, kudos can also be given to the quality of the payments and to the game providers, whose actions support the overall operation of the entertainment site.

We do not believe that Casino is a scam under any circumstances. The producer has other previous casinos with a good track record. So there is no need to worry, although you should keep your wits about you.

Our Final Thoughts 

We've been sailing in some rather choppy waters for the last few moments, as we've been dealing with the hilarious If this particular gaming site were, for example, an apartment for sale, then we could be talking about some kind of high-value property. The setting, the facilities and the services are very well put together, so this is a ride to be enjoyed.

Fast service is at the heart of this operator and that, if anything, appeals to today's players. You can easily dig your phone out of your pocket, head over to Casino, and log in. This process takes only a few tens of seconds at best, after which you're in the embrace of a quality game catalogue.

So it's a very high-quality, younger generation entertainment platform that doesn't really have any shortcomings. Let's hope the site ages as well as it started out. is a very worthwhile and interesting online casino for anyone. Casino F.A.Q.

Is a reliable online casino?

You can be sure of honesty, as the backing company is known for its reliability. In addition, the fresh release is sailing under a license from the authorities, so the operation is heavily regulated.

How do I open an account at

To open a gaming account, you will need your online banking credentials, which will be used to authenticate you. You can log in directly via the button on the homepage.

Where can I read about experiences with online casino?

On this page, we offer messages sent by players about a recent gaming site to make sure you get the full picture of the operator. Also read our editors' thoughts on the fiery release.

Does offer bonuses and free spins to new customers?

There's no actual welcome bonus for players diving into the fool's paradise, as the introductory promotion has been replaced with cash back. The site will return 15% to your account daily.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals at online casino?

Being a modern no-account casino operator, deposits and withdrawals are very fast. Funds are instantly transferred to your gaming account and withdrawals are returned at almost the same rate.

Is a scam?

There is no scam, so you won't be fooled by this site. The most secure slot machines on the market take care of the randomness and therefore play is safe. In addition, money transactions and the site itself are strictly protected.

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