Lively Casino Online Review – SCAM! Not Recommended!

Lively Casino 10 gratis spins + £200 free bonus + 30 free spins

Lively Casino – let's play and win real money! (SCAM)

An excellent new online casino

If you're looking for the latest and greatest the casino industry has to offer; your best bet is to take a look at a new online casino. The reason for this is they're building their casino with the wisdom of all online casinos before them. This means they've been able to see what players want and what they don't.

Plus they're able to add the latest things that technology can afford them! This is certainly the case for Lively Casino anyway, as they've certainly done a lot of things right which players will simply love!

A modern looking site

The first thing Lively Casino have decided to do is go for a modern look. We really like this as there's a lot of advantages to giving a site this kind of look. A modern look is basically using a dark colour scheme and building the site with the latest software and graphics around. This makes the place look quite sleek and is very easy on the eyes.

The other thing this is useful for is making many areas of their site stand out. To go with this dark colour scheme Lively Casino have many explosions of colour going off throughout their site. This makes areas such as their games section and promotions section really come to life. This is the first reason we love the modern look Lively Casino has given their casino.

The second reason is it makes the site a lot easier to use for new players. Lively Casino have made sure there's no clutter around, and everything important is easy to see. This is perfect as you don't want to be jumping through hoops to find what you're after. You want it there in front of you and easy to see.

This is what Lively Casino have gone for and why we think this is a great site for newer players!

Fantastic bonuses to match!

When it comes to the bonuses on a site they're usually split into two groups. The first is the bonus you get when you first sign up to a site. The second is the promotions that are on offer week in and week out. While we really do love the promotions on offer here at Lively Casino; it's the new player bonus we want to focus on today.

This welcome bonus begins by giving every new player on the site 10 free spins as they walk through the door. You only need to register an account to claim these free spins, and they'll be for NetEnt's Starburst slot. While this isn't a huge amount it's certainly a nice gesture from Lively. Plus it gives you a little taste of what's still to come.

After you've played through these free spins you'll then be able to make use of their matching deposit bonus. Lively Casino will match any deposit you make on the site up to a maximum of £200. You only need to deposit £10 for this bonus to apply however anything between the two ranges will be matched. Also, if you make a deposit of at least £20 Lively Casino will give you another 30 free spins on the Starburst slot. So this is a pretty good deal for everyone we'd have to say!

It's all about the games

For us, the biggest reason to be playing at Lively Casino though is for the games. If you're on the hunt for a bunch of new games to try out you want to be at Lively. The reason for this is they have arguably the widest selection of games in the market. When talking numbers they have just over 500 games on their site to choose from. This isn't the most in the industry although it's not too far off it either. What makes this collection of games so special is they're powered by 28 different gaming developers.

This is the most we've seen at any online casino which is why we'd argue they have the most varied selection of games to choose from. NetEnt is probably their leading developer on the site. However, there are other top developers including Thunderkick, NextGen, and Amata. So there's no shortage of top developers on offer!

These developers will be providing every type of game you would expect a top online casino to stock. Lively Casino offers plenty of live casino tables; table games, slots, and jackpot games for you to try out. So regardless of what you prefer you'll find it here.

So as you can probably tell we rate Lively Casino incredibly highly. Their biggest sell has to be their collection of games simply due to the incredible number of providers they have on offer. That's not all they have to offer though. Their sleek look and the tasty welcome package also make Lively Casino well worth a visit!

Overall rating: 9,2/10.

Lively Casino Free Spins

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