Peters Casino – €1000 bonus and 150 free spins on slots

Peters Casino - €1000 bonus and 150 free spins on slots

Peters Casino – free spins and no deposit bonuses!


At Peters Casino, every new player who registers via our landing page will receive 20 free spins – no deposit bonus. The spins players can use on Starburst video slot in both, desktop and mobile versions.

This no deposit free spins are only a part of the welcome offer with €1000 bonus and 120 extra spins. In order to activate this promotion all you have to do is make a deposit. Collect your free chips and play your favourite Netent online games at Peters Casino.

In addition, players at Peters Casino enjoy exclusive specials in VIP bonus scheme as well as loyalty rewards.

You always have the best slots at your fingertips with Peters Casino. Play some of the most popular games from Netent, Microgaming, etc. on your mobile or tablet.

The Ease of Playing Slots

What is the use of hunting for a good gaming site, with entertaining games, and even with bonus offers like the free spins no deposit, yet you can barely play the games? Although you may not be chased out of a casino for not participating in the games offered, it is, definitely, awkward to idly stand and watch others play, day in day out. One thing is clear, though. If many other people are playing a game and enjoying it, you either have not discovered that the particular game is easy to play, or you have not taken the effort to find out how it is played. Either way, you’ll be missing out on the fun of being in a casino unless you prepare yourself to participate.

Basics of Slots

Both traditional and modern slots are easy to play

Slots are easy to play whatever casino you are in, whether it is the traditional casinos or the online casinos that have proliferated on the internet. Of course, there is some practical difference in the way you handle the slots in the different scenarios – online versus the brick and mortar casinos. Anyone planning to visit a conventional casino to play slot machines also has coins in mind. This is because when you play on real hardware you need to insert coins in order to initiate a spin. On the internet, the game is slightly different and very easy to play. In fact, it is in online gaming that you find incentives such as free spins no deposit.

Traditional slots are mechanical while modern ones are technology-based

For traditional play, the slot machines used are mechanical, while for online slots, nothing is mechanical about them. With the latter, everything is technology driven. However, what every player who is new to the internet games observes is that playing online slots is so easy to play from the onset, making you feel like you have been at it for ages. Avid players of slot machines who are still stuck in the traditional casinos need to know this, because some of them imagine that online slots demand that you be a computer guru to play and do it well.

For all slots, winnings are random

The way traditional slot machines produce random numbers as wins is the same way that happens online. In fact, you can equate the process of winning on slots to rolling some dice. This means you do not need to worry about technicality and rules because, there really aren’t any of those governing generation of winning numbers. The game is easy to play, and you had better let yourself have all the fun that comes with it, whether you have benefitted from the free spins no deposit bonus or not. This is because however, you play, and no matter how serious or relaxed you are, the winning number will always be random; computer generated in the case of online slots.

It is good to moderate your hopes of a jackpot

Slot machines are fun games. However, focusing too much on hitting the jackpot often saps the fun out of the game. Granted every player always anticipates a big win especially considering the game is easy to play, but it is important to temper that anticipation to avoid disappointment. It may help to keep in mind the reality that the casino, whether online or otherwise, will always keep a bigger proportion of revenues for itself than it pays out in cash winnings. While that thought is sobering, it surely, cannot dilute your fun in the slots.

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