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Here at Sisu Kasino, there are no free chips or free spins to start the trip… Instead, you can only play with your own money (deposit) and enjoy no-fuss gaming!


When a brand new release is pushed to market, almost nine times out of ten players will be offered some kind of welcome treat. However, the fresh site's promotion does not allow for a content pool to be shared, with games only being triggered with self-deposited funds.

This choice has become a habit among some Pay N Play Casinos not to give out any benefits or promotions to their player base. These sites focus on providing only really fast action and withdrawals, which is why they are trying to gain a foothold in a highly competitive market.

Sisu Kasino Overview 

Another breath of fresh air as the pace of slot releases shows no sign of slowing down. This time, our editorial team has received a strong tip-off from the firebrand Sisu Kasino, which has opened its doors very recently. We are therefore very excited to get to know the newly completed operator, as this is a highly anticipated gaming site.

The name alone gives you a clue as to who owns the site, as Teho and Mahti Kasino, among others, operate under the same company. This company is called White Hat Gaming Ltd and is a very well-known player, and there is little doubt about its credentials. It has released brilliant products time and time again, so we expect it to succeed again.

Gamblers are in for a brisk ride, as Sisu Kasino relies on a tried and tested account-free model, with no sign-up forms brought in at all. It's easy to get set up via bank login and the route to a comprehensive range of games is really smooth.

Website Look and Navigation 

Of course, its operating model strongly guides its external appearance, as the aim has been to make the portal as smooth as possible. As a result, the environment is strongly built around a single page with easy access to different parts of Sisu Kasino. There is no massive fireworks display in terms of appearance, as simplicity and ease of use have been the key design features.

For its exterior, the newcomer relies heavily on a light background, which is very familiar from previous sites from this manufacturer. This white is enlivened by a bright blue, which plays a leading role in the graphic elements. Otherwise, Sisu Kasino is a really clear-cut revelation that lets the games and the snappiness stand out.

Overall, Sisu Kasino is a high-quality and restrained implementation, and we can't find much to complain about in its appearance. From the very first glance, it is clear that it has been created on top of a concept that already works, and this tried and tested model has not been tinkered with in vain.

Sisu Free Spins

Hassle-Free Experience

As we've already mentioned, players are required to authenticate with their banking credentials in order to enter. The hassle and cumbersome sign-up processes have been swept into a corner and opening an account on the first deposit is really easy. Going forward, users will only need to log in to continue playing, where they left off last time.

The interface follows previous releases from the same company, so it's a familiar experience for anyone who's visited them. The top of the screen is adorned with a large banner, which also features a login button. Below this element, you'll find Sisu Kasino's games, which are available in a fair handful. You don't need to go much further than the lobby, as each product can be found immediately under the categories and search box.

By going right to the bottom of Sisu Kasino, you'll see the necessary links that will take you to the FAQ list, terms and conditions, and the loyalty program, for example. To make navigation easier, there is also a menu that opens from the side of the page, and from here you can conveniently access customer service.

Sisu Kasino Games 

Now on to the main course itself – what's on offer and how full the newly stacked shelves have been. Like its predecessors, Sisu Kasino is not shy about the amount of equipment, but there is plenty to keep you entertained. There are several categories on offer and you can immediately recognise a number of familiar individuals and developers.

The comprehensive catalogue includes live and table games as well as traditional slot machines, without forgetting other popular categories. There are also Megaways reels as well as other products, and Sisu Kasino seems to be missing nothing. In addition to the above, scratch cards and bingo are also represented, so there's sure to be plenty of fun to keep you occupied for a long time.

Even though there are several thousand products in the list, the browsing has been made easy and no swear words will slip through the cracks when looking for games. If scrolling through long lists is not your thing, a competent search function will help you find what you're looking for.


By a whisker, most of the games here slip into the category of slot machines, which is the largest category at Sisu Kasino. The machines are plentiful and the list of bright icons goes almost as far down as your finger can scroll down the page. As you scroll through the list, you'll come across familiar publishers as well as slightly newer names.

If the names of the authors sound familiar, the same pattern is evident with the devices themselves. In fact, many favourites and games basking in the status of classics are included.


Unfortunately, there is no dedicated category for jackpots and here we see an area for future development. There is plenty of work to be done with this section, as jumping into the search box, not many games that fit the bill pop up.

There are some jackpots and games to be found, but progressive payouts are conspicuous by their absence. The otherwise presentable catalogue does receive a small blemish for this squat, but that too is easily rectified.


After the recent plunge, we arrived in the clear at the third base, where home runs and home runs can be claimed in the popular category. The popularity of MW games is partly explained by their logic, where one extra payline allows for randomness and different combinations.

Luckily for us, those streams are served up by a handsome cavalcade at Sisu Kasino, with a starry sky you can't look at without sunglasses. In terms of numbers and quality, it's a stylish mix of the latest mints and classics that will keep you entertained for a while.

Table Games

Lastly, we head to the booth where the traditional games that some old-school foxes think of as the only real gambling games are located. We're talking about the various variations of card games and roulette that are available in today's gaming centres, both as video broadcasts and as simple slot machines.

Live Casino 

If you can't be bothered to go to a conditional gaming venue, Sisu Kasino provides a comfortable environment for card sharking. There's certainly plenty to keep you entertained on the live side and at the gaming tables, and with some of the hardest working people in the industry responsible for these facilities, there's plenty to keep you entertained.

Sticky Wilds Slots

Sisu Kasino Support 

If you need assistance, you should turn to the support team, who will serve you tenaciously around the clock and work selflessly to make your trip as successful as possible. They work hard and are often the butt of jokes, but they always do their best to help.

These diamond-hard professionals are quick to chat to at Sisu Kasino via live chat, a great way to get your questions answered. The real-time chat is telegraphic and you don't have to wait many minutes for an answer. The chat window opens in the bottom right corner of the screen and you can instantly ask your question.

If more complex issues arise, Sisu Kasino recommends using email ([email protected]). The inbox is diligently maintained and the operator promises a response within 24 hours at the latest, but outside of the busiest times, you will certainly get a response sooner.

Sisu Kasino Banking 

This time, instead of fiddling around with dozens of different payment methods, they've put their eggs in one basket. And not just any basket, because Sisu Kasino's money transfers are handled by Zimpler, a company that has proven over the past few years that it is a professional at making secure payments.

Scandinavian diligence is an integral part of this payment processor's operation, and it pushes funds to their destination swiftly and reliably. All that is required for this operation is the player's personal online banking credentials, which are used to accept deposits and at the same time identify the player.

One of the biggest advantages of Sisu Kasino's payment policy is the lightning-fast withdrawals. It is quite common for deposits to be deposited almost instantly, but many operators still experience painful delays in withdrawals. When money is transferred using online banking credentials, it is possible to receive any winnings in almost real-time.

Fair and Safe Gaming 

There are many alternative agencies on the market from which gaming establishments starting up operations can apply for certification. Some are located in the EEA and some are not, but Sisu Kasino has not gone offshore to chase a licence. As the company behind the site happens to be based in Malta, the license for this site was conveniently applied for on the island itself.

This certificate is not something you get for free from an institution that has been at the forefront of the gaming authorities over the years, as the operator has to prove that its operations are watertight and transparent. Honest and fair play is strictly monitored and the licence can be withdrawn if any malpractice is found. This threat is only in the interest of players, as it ensures the safest possible experience in gaming centres.

Sisu Kasino Trustpilot Reviews 

“It was the first time I was directed to this manufacturer's website, so I had no preconceived expectations. The interface, which is very simple and clear at the same time, worked in a nice way for me, and there was nothing to complain about.”

“I was familiar with the previous range of white hats and found the latest releases to be nice environments, so as soon as I heard about Sisu Kasino my anticipation began. It's a qualified newcomer that is like a spitting image of its brother. Fast payouts and plenty to play for, what more could you ask for.”

“The bank login alone excluded other payment methods, which I don't really like. I use online wallets a lot, so this wasn't right for my own pitta. However, the portal itself was a great development and certainly a potential option for many.”

Although the Sisu Kasino story is still in its prologue stage and hasn't travelled very far, it has already received visitors and feedback from them. There hasn't been much time for word-of-mouth, but we've managed to garner both praise and a few grumbles.

The range of games was praised in several messages, which is, of course, the steak itself in between this hearty burger. There was talk both for and against payment methods, which is perfectly understandable when the options have been narrowed down. The cream and icing on this cake is the ease of use, which is top-notch.

Sisu Live Casino

Sisu Kasino Mobile 

The high-flying operator is tailor-made for the modern player, with fast payments and an easy-to-use site that bends nicely to the smaller screens of smartphones. These features are very much in evidence today and are the difference between success and failure.

If you want to enjoy your gaming entertainment in the most convenient way possible, Sisu Kasino is the choice. Getting things done doesn't get any easier than this, as logging in with your banking credentials is a snap, as is withdrawing your winnings.

If, on the other hand, you're looking for things like betting and an extensive list of payment methods, Sisu is not the place for you. For this purpose, there are more and more attractive operators that meet such needs in a more sophisticated way.

Is Sisu Kasino a scam?

The firm answer to a tough question is no, but let's give some reasoning behind the conclusion. To begin with, let's start with the MGA logo at the bottom of Sisu Kasino, which indicates the close presence of the authority. This is a reassurance for players, as there are strict rules to be followed in order to obtain a licence (MGA/B2C/370/2017).

The sense of security is further enhanced by the included payment service, a well-established player in the money transfer business. Through this intermediary, deposits and withdrawals are routed through secure channels, ensuring that they reach their intended destination. This, if anything, is important when comparing different gambling sites.

Moving on to the Sisu Kasino itself, its server is also heavily secured, which means that both browsing and personal data remain fiercely safe. And as for the games on the service, they come from studios that have been working for a long time on creating reliable slot machines.


So the first steps have been taken and finally the machines are up and running. The company, known for its strong work, has brought its latest release to full bloom and this is the treat we set out to sample.

For the gaming community, Sisu Kasino offers a space-free fun experience, provided by a number of hard-hitting gaming houses with their own products. There is a huge amount of entertainment to choose from, with more and more categories to choose from.

A newcomer, Sisu is a model player, with remarkable similarities to its predecessors. This does not slow things down at all, such is the quality of the product. So we cannot say that this is a wolf at birth, the sky is the limit as far as popularity goes.

Sisu Kasino FAQ 

Is Sisu Kasino a reliable online casino?

This operator is a highly trusted gaming site that operates according to government regulations and is a licensed site. Payments are handled through a secure broker and games are provided by the top names in the industry.

How do I open an account at Sisu Kasino?

A gaming account is opened upon your first deposit. When you confirm the transfer with your online banking credentials, an account will be automatically opened for you at the gaming site.

Where can I read about Sisu Kasino online casino experiences?

This page is the right place if you want to read other players' opinions about a recent release. In addition to these messages, we offer a review of this gaming hub produced by our own editorial team.

Does Sisu Kasino offer bonuses and free spins to new customers?

Annoyingly, depositing players don't get a flying start to their games, as there is no welcome bonus on offer at all.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals at Sisu Kasino online casino?

Funds move both in and out of your account almost instantly. This feature is the best feature of no deposit sites, as it means players don't have to wait days for their winnings.

Is Sisu Kasino a scam?

There is no need to worry about being scammed with this publisher, as its gaming sites take special care to ensure player safety. The site's strong security keeps your information private and payments flow safely.

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