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There's always a buzz and positive buzz in the market when a publisher makes available a polished gaming site. This time, we get to go on an expedition to pirates, as Treasure Spins has a very pirate setting.

The operator itself is a company called CW Marketing B.V., a company that many of you will be familiar with from Campeonbet, among others. This site has received a lot of praise and acclaim, including the 2018 Newcomer of the Year award. The publisher's previous sites have become renowned for their quality of content and their wide selection, which is not limited to slot games.

So there's plenty to do besides eye patches and pirate treasures, and Treasure Spins is sure to provide some great opportunities to make the most of your free time. There's plenty to play on the betting side as well as the traditional games, so it's a really comprehensive and varied new experience.

Treasure Spins Promotions 

Set sail from your home port for this sea voyage in a pleasant breeze as the chips that come with the welcome bonus blow into your sails. Indeed, Treasure Spins matches players' first deposit with a very substantial 130% bonus, which at its maximum opens up €500 worth of play:

  • 1st deposit: 130% advantage up to €500

These percentages above doubling are very rare nowadays, but all the more pleasant, at least from the player's point of view, because in such a case you get more for less. The minimum deposit required to activate the offer is €25, and exceeding this is entirely at your own discretion.

As is customary, the Treasure Spins benefit must also be wagered at the machines in the game range before submitting a withdrawal request. The requirement applies to both the deposit and the portion of the benefit and a 50x wagering requirement must be met.

Website Theme and Feel 

From the logo alone, we can get our first clues as to what kind of portal it is. We are now diving into a theme park, which must be executed with great care. If you go too far in indulging yourself with different patterns and elements, the games themselves can get left out in the cold.

However, Treasure Spins has not fallen into that trap, and although it is a pirate-themed slot, the clarity and simplicity of the body has not been forgotten. The chosen theme runs elegantly through here and there, with icons for categories, among other things, containing icons to match the theme.

All in all, it's a quality design that the creators of Treasure Spins can be justifiably proud of. The symbiosis of dark blue and burgundy works beautifully as background colours, with both the light texts and the colourful game icons standing out well. It's a solid display of professionalism and visual appeal that will make the player feel good.

130% up to $500 bonus

Treasure Spins Casino UI/UX

The impact of the layout and visuals on the usability of the site is very much present, and as we said above, the clarity of the implementation also makes the site really easy to navigate. Nowadays, sites are very similar to each other, which is also a good thing, as it means that we can avoid the most clunky and poorly designed interfaces.

The menu on the left-hand side gives the user the keys to a smooth journey, as it is through it that the most important transitions take place. Each of the top categories of the game selection is available, with both login and promotions opening up from this navigation tool. Adding to the uniqueness, of course, is the fact that Treasure Spins' game selection opens immediately in the lobby and is available immediately after the big banner.

Signing up and creating an account is done in a way that many will surely call old-fashioned. Indeed, to open an account, players have to go through a series of questions that Treasure Spins asks during the sign-up process. Once this stuff has been cleared, subsequent sign-ups are done using a self-generated ID and the process is quite swift.

Treasure Spins Casino Games 

You don't have to look very far to explore the game selection, as it opens up in front of your eyes at the very first window. Of course, the whole range is not presented at once, but this slim list is a selection of the most popular machines at Treasure Spins Casino.

When it comes to getting a closer look at what this newcomer has been eating, you'll have to make use of both the predefined categories and the search feature, as some important categories have been left out for some reason. From the menu on the left-hand side we can also see that betting is available and this of course adds to the breadth of the selection. However, this time we will not delve into the items in detail but concentrate on the world of gaming machines.

There are five categories available at Treasure Spins, the most familiar of which are certainly slot machines, live games and table games. Alongside these, there are virtual games and products under the Lucky Games banner. It goes without saying that this is a quality entertainment package, as the list of manufacturers is full of big names.


One of the five categories to choose from is, of course, by far the most popular category, slot machines, and everyone is familiar with how they work. First, you select the bet you want to place, then you press a button, after which the reels spin wildly around, eventually stopping, and if the payline or paylines have the right symbols, you get your bankroll topped up.

A deeper dive into the offering reveals a number of well-known gaming houses that have jumped on the Treasure Spins bandwagon and tuned up its deck to really good effect. So there's plenty to play and, most importantly, there's no compromise on quality – the products are of the highest quality.


Although the name of the release refers to spinning reels and the games that contain them, there could have been at least a little treat for the big winners. Namely, there is no dedicated category at all, which of course leads the player towards the search box.

Typing the name of the category into that search box will bring up around 20 jackpot machines. In terms of quantity, it's a basic selection, but the content leaves a bit of a blank slate. There is not a single progressively increasing mega-category payout in the catalogue, so those interested in it will be left licking their chops.


The same pattern continues in this category, so the search continues to be conducted via the search facility. On the other hand, with Treasure Spins Casino's tools being top quality, there's no big problem with a missing listing.

MW games are therefore plentiful, even if you have to dig them up yourself. There are many popular titles on offer, and the changing themes and environments of the games are sure to ensure a fun time.

Live Casino

While the previous listings have been completely omitted, there are now completely separate catalogues for both categories. Browsing these devices at Treasure Spins Casino is therefore a breeze, as all you need to do is press either the pirate hood or the rum bottle.

A variety of poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette games can be played either on the machine or via video streaming. So it's entirely up to you to decide which category you fall into, or whether both are your favourites. It doesn't matter, though, as you can choose from products from some of the industry's toughest publishers.

100 free spins bonus

Treasure Spins Customer Service

There needs to be a working bridge between players and the site, where customers can contact staff to resolve problems or get answers to questions that are on their minds. In order to enable communication, Treasure Spins Casino has opened up channels for both live chat and email to serve as a conduit for answers.

There is a slight discrepancy, however, regarding opening hours, as a big sign in the lobby proclaims 24-hour customer service. However, Treasure Spins does not indulge in a modified version of the truth here, as you can email them at any time. However, the live chat is only available between 9am and 1am Central European time.

If you get stuck outside these hours and can't seem to resolve your situation, help is available for the most common situations via the FAQ list. This page opens up most of the nodes that you may encounter along the way, for example in case of problems with your account.

Treasure Spins Payment Solutions 

Of course, to start playing, you need to make a deposit to fund your account for spinning the reels. As a traditional operator, there are a number of options for customers when it comes to payment services. Treasure Spins hasn't set out to reinvent the wheel when it comes to making money transfers, instead relying on old familiar operators.

One of the ways players can transfer currency is through card payments, which can be found on a number of sites. These are complemented by various online payment services, which also offer faster withdrawals than cards. In addition to these methods, there are also various cryptocurrencies, so that it is also possible to play with Bitcoins.

Although Treasure Spins is a pirate's world, there are certain rules to follow, especially when it comes to payments. There is a minimum deposit limit of €25, below which you will not be allowed to deposit any money into your account. As for withdrawals, there is a monthly limit of €7 000.

Treasure Spins Gaming Licence 

Every gaming site presented on this site has a certificate issued by an authority and this gives a clear indication of the external control. It's always a good idea to check this before joining a new gaming site, as it's a simple way of knowing that you're operating fairly and honestly.

Treasure Spins Casino has applied for its own licence from the Curacao Gaming Authority (8048/JAZ2021-155). This sticker means that the activity is regulated and that there are immediate sanctions for any breach of the rules.

Treasure Spins Trustpilot Reviews

“When I heard about this newcomer, I wanted to check out what the guys were talking about. The site was clear and easy to use, and loading times were kept to a minimum. I had a great time with my favourites.”

“The selection was largely relevant, but the paucity of jackpots made my lips curl. Otherwise, the operation was smooth and the customer service was quick to help with a minor challenge.”

“Plenty of payment options, from which you could choose the service that suited you best. In terms of timing, the transfers were completed within the promised timeframe, so no complaints.”

This newcomer has only had a very short period of user experience, so we are fortunate to have received such a high level of feedback. Judging by the messages, Treasure Spins Casino's journey has taken off in a nice tailwind and no major problems have been encountered. So it's good to keep going from here and keep on doing the same in the future.

According to players, Treasure Spins and its portal were very responsive and the windows and games loaded at a pleasant pace. There was also plenty of choice in terms of payment methods, giving players a wide range of options to choose from. Game coverage is at a competent level, although there were gaps in certain categories.

Is Treasure Spins for me? 

This theme park is particularly recommended for those interested in piracy and related topics, which is to be expected when looking at the site itself. Fortunately, however, the theme is by no means overdone, with individual icons and a ship echoing in the background just adding a bit of individuality to a clear frame.

The easy-to-use Treasure Spins is therefore a great place to entertain a wide range of players, and not just the captain hooked. There's something to play in the traditional machines, live games and betting categories. Such a comprehensive catalogue is sure to appeal to the fresher face as well as the more seasoned gambler, making it a valid address for many types of players.

On the subject of the game itself, the payment methods available should also be highlighted, as Treasure Spins, which operates on a traditional model, does not allow for direct transfers confirmed by bank codes. Online wallets and debit cards must be used for deposits and withdrawals, so you won't get the slickest withdrawals on the market.

Win extra cash!

Is Treasure Spins a scam?

Pirates who have sailed the seas have become known over the years for their thievery and other heist-related activities, but that's not what you should expect from this site. Firstly, the company behind it is a watertight operator with a consistently high level of service. So we do not believe that it is about to change its honest approach in such an opposite direction.

In addition to internal controls, compliance with the rules is also ensured by an external body, namely the authority with whose licence Treasure Spins operates. Sites subject to certification strictly comply with the regulations and operate in strict compliance with them, as violations are treated with the utmost seriousness.

When considering the integrity of a gaming site in a broader context, it is also worth taking into account its partners. Treasure Spins has a number of high-quality companies that have provided their own services for both payments and games listings. When we draw this together, we can answer the question in the headline that there is indeed no scam.

Final Thoughts 

Having made it back to shore in one piece from this pirate-filled Caribbean cruise, it's a good time to look back on the things we got to see and feel during the trip. The first thing that comes to mind, of course, is the sign-up process, where you have to activate your own ID through the traditional sign-up process, and no bank details are required at all.

Once the login was successfully completed, it was time to shake out the funds in your account, and Treasure Spins Casino has a number of ways to do that, from debit cards to e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. Whichever method you choose, the transaction is ultimately hassle-free and the journey is smooth at every turn.

The selection is really all you need, but we did miss the progressive jackpots, for example. In addition, the catalogue was a little unfinished, as the options were a little lacking. Otherwise, this newcomer is a valid destination for your next visit and, as a rule, the operation was very smooth.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Treasure Spins a reliable online casino?

This newcomer is a fully trustworthy operator that sails under the license of the gaming authority. Games and payment methods are from the safest suppliers on the market.

How do I open an account at Treasure Spins Casino?

To open your own account, you need to fill in a short and concise sign-up form, which will open you an account. From then on, you can log in using the account you create.

Where can I read about players' experience with Treasure Spins Casino?

On this page, we have compiled a collection of players' weighty opinions about this gaming hub, which accurately reflect the customer's opinion of the level of service. You can also read the opinion formed by our editors after their visit.

Does Treasure Spins offer bonuses and free spins to new customers?

Yes, they do, with a cool 130% welcome bonus on the first deposit. With this, you can claim up to €500 worth of chips.

How fast are payments at Treasure Spins online casino?

In this environment, deposits move in near real-time, so you can start your own gaming journey without much of a wait. Withdrawals require approval and will then be available to you within approximately 1-5 days.

Is Treasure Spins Casino a scam?

No, it is not a scam. The company responsible for the background is known for its reliability and although the theme of this site is related to piracy, there is no need to fear being robbed.

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