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The early part of the year has been quite a whirlwind of new slots, but now it looks like the pace is picking up even more! The brand new Buumi Casino is the newcomer, and it's hitting players' taste buds with stylish entertainment, visual fireworks, and, of course, fast and furious gaming!

The building blocks are traditional, but this time the familiar ingredients have been combined to create a completely new experience. By combining trendy elements, Njord Ventures BV has managed to create a good-looking and functional package that hits like a hundred bolts of lightning! The word on the street is that this could be the hottest new casino of the year, so expectations are high.

Undoubtedly, all these ingredients suggest that there is indeed a hard barrel in the oven, and we have no reason to believe that there is anything other than a pristine product on offer. The newcomer's sister site, Koi Casino, is at least a great enough gaming venue that on this basis alone it's reasonable to expect that Buumi is going to break the bank big time.

Buumi Casino Bonuses

This fresh gaming site has taken a new approach to benefits, so the traditional welcome offer has been unceremoniously scrapped. So the usual boring package of bonus and free spins is completely out of the question, as the fresh Buumi Casino relies primarily on the power of big cash backs!

Indeed, the prevalence and popularity of cashback has been on a strong upswing in recent years, so it's no wonder that this approach has been taken to this booming revenue stream. In fact, daily cashback is undeniably a delicious advantage over a traditional offer, as it keeps on giving and the joy keeps on giving week after week.

Often, venues only pay players cashback for losses, but luckily Buumi is a different story. In fact, the site will give you cashback on all of your playing funds, which puts the offer well above other similar cashback offers.

To top it all off, there are also up to 300 free spins every week! This amount of free spins can be accessed with a weekly deposit of just €30, meaning that even spin lovers are catered for in the promotions section of this site! However, these spins cannot be claimed immediately with your first deposit.

General Appearance 

A distinctive look is always a good asset, as a polished look is much easier for players to remember than a design that hasn't had the same level of effort put into it. Fortunately, Buumilla has put a lot of effort into the look and feel of the site, which means that players can expect a pleasant-looking and really attractive site that won't leave anyone cold.

The site's colour scheme features a stylish dark background colour, with a touch of blue and pink. On paper, the combination sounds rather harsh and offensive, but the end result is still surprisingly elegant and harmonious. So there's no shyness in the use of colour, but there's no overdoing it either. This is a great solution!

No major mascots or separate themes have been used at all. As the name suggests, the boom is a phenomenon that attracts players with its streamlined, fast-paced look, quick payouts, and clear execution. The site is clearly designed with user-friendliness in mind, such as the clarity and ease of use of the end result.

Register or Pay N Play

Buumi Casino Games

The diverse game library is probably the most tangible aspect of the casino, so expectations for the games offered by Buumi are quite high. Fortunately, expectations are also met by offering such a good game library that there is no room for complaining or complaining! With a solid selection of games to entertain all types of players, no one will be left cold.

The selection is entirely made up of a variety of casino games, so there's no betting or any other specialty that's out of the ordinary. Of course, this suits us perfectly, as it's the old-school slots and other familiar games that we prefer to enjoy. In the traditional style, there's a regular casino and a live casino, so there's plenty of entertainment to be had.

Of course, Buumi has put the most effort into slots, as there are plenty of them to be found in this casino cave! Alongside the slots, there are of course the best progressive jackpot games, the toughest table games and who knows what else! The selection is of a high standard and of course, the best of the best have been brought in, including NetEnt and Microgaming, as well as the absolute number one on the live side, Evolution Gaming.

Slot Games 

The hottest thing on offer at Buumi is of course the slots, as slots are by far the main product of this casino. The selection includes a healthy dose of evergreen classics as well as hot new releases, so there's something for everyone and the wide range of slots offers guaranteed entertainment for players.

The quality is of course incredibly high, and no wonder. With slots available from some of the best gaming houses in the industry such as Microgaming and NetEnt, it's clear that the quality is second to none. If slots are your thing, the offerings of this new gaming venue should certainly not be overlooked.

Jackpot Games

When it comes to the big wins, the atmosphere is very similar to that of Koi Casino, the company's other venue, as unfortunately there is no category dedicated to jackpot games. That said, there are still a fair number of progressive jackpots on offer, but you'll have to find them yourself, either through a search function or by chance.

If it's the huge wins that intrigue you, you might want to enter the magic words ‘Divine Fortune' in the search box to chase the riches in this evergreen classic from NetEnt. Of course, there are a couple of other top jackpots on offer too, so there's no need to settle for just this one game.

Live Games

Of course, the site has also invested in a high level of live entertainment, with a live casino that meets all of today's stringent standards! In this respect, Buumi follows the example of its sister casino in that there is not a huge variety of live games on offer, but the quality is second to none.

For a small-scale live casino, there are currently a few dozen different titles to choose from, so it's not exactly a huge selection. Fortunately, however, the games in this section are the absolute best in terms of quality, with established names in live gaming such as Evolution and Pragmatic Play.

Other Games

Of course, the new site also has a lot of games that cannot be pushed into the three categories discussed above. Of these other sections, the largest and most significant is definitely the table games section, where you'll find several versions of familiar card games and other classic titles such as roulette.

Scratchcards don't seem to be found in the casino, but instead, there's a tasty selection of Megaways games with more paylines than usual. These games are best accessed using the search function, as the MW games page doesn't have a dedicated category at all to make them easy to find. Fortunately, using the search is easy and you can find everything you need without any hassle!

Buumi Casino Payments 

Playing at this casino is fast-paced, as Buumi offers two ways of playing, both with or without an account. Players can therefore start playing simply and easily by making a deposit via the homepage using instant payment services. This means that all you have to do is enter the amount you want to deposit and then confirm it using your bank credentials. Same with withdrawals, it only takes a couple of minutes at the most for your money to arrive in your bank account.

This service makes it easy for players to make a deposit and dive straight into the games without the hassle of filling in any forms. When you confirm your deposit using your bank account details, your identity is confirmed during the same process and there is no need to confirm, enter or authenticate any information separately.

For more conservative players, Buumi Casino offers a register-to-play feature. This means that you have to fill in a sign-up form with your basic details. After that, you can log in and visit your cashier to top up your account. Here you can find many popular instant payment solutions, including VISA, Mastercard, E-wallets, and even cryptocurrencies!

Buumi Casino Support 

In familiar style, customer service at Buumi is handled just about as well as you can imagine, so in this respect, the casino's feel is no different from that of its sister site Koi. The site has been translated to the last detail, so you can enjoy everything on offer in your native language without the need for a translator, dictionary or other unnecessary adjustments.

As usual, support is offered to players via email ([email protected]), contact form, and live chat. Each method of contact is localised, so there is no need for a rallying cry at any turn on this site. Of the methods available, the contact form and email are obviously the slowest and should be preferred for non-urgent contacts only.

On the other hand, live chat is a fast service, so if you are in a situation where they need for help has gone beyond a critical level, don't wait too long. You can easily find the chat and choose which Aspa department you want to deal with and in which language. Once you've made your selections, the chat will open and you can pour out your problems to a friendly customer service representative who will find solutions to all your problems in no time.

Pay and Play Casino Feature

Our Take On Buumi 

The offerings at the amazing Buumi are suitable for all types of casino buffs, as the offerings across the board are nothing short of excellent! The games alone are at such a high level that no player will ever get bored with the library of games on offer. For this reason alone, the site can be warmly recommended to anyone.

The localisation has also been done in the familiar Njord Ventures BV style with excellent results, i.e. the translation work is a top class A and all information, from the terms of use onwards, is provided clearly and distinctly in the player's native language. Customer support is also provided in the player's native language, so this is another aspect that makes this online casino suitable for everyone.

In addition, the site offers speed at every turn, which means it's also perfect for rush-hour players and other fast players who want to get things done now rather than soon. Fast money transfers and account freedom are sure to keep speed-loving players happy, so there's something for every speed freak who loves a good game!

Buumi Trustpilot Reviews 

“Really powerful stuff! I think this is even better than the firm's previous site, as the dark and elegant theme really appeals to me. I did miss the benefits and promotions, but with such generous cashback on offer it's hard not to be impressed.”

“We gamers are spoiled now, when such new products are pushed onto the market. The site is first class, the games are of high quality, there are enough of them, and everything rocks in a fully localised way. It's impossible to be unhappy with something like this.”

“Lots of good games. Personally, I would have missed betting, but it's obvious that it's not part of every site's offering. Fortunately, there are enough casino games to keep you busy. It's all about speed, and Buumi is one of the best in this respect!”

As you can see from the feedback, the site's offerings have been a hit with players like crazy! Players who have tested the site have praised the quality and range of games, which is undeniably entertaining and worthy of praise. A single player would have liked to see betting included, but we find this to be a rather irrelevant criticism when looking at the big picture.

Other aspects of the offering have also impressed players, with the translation and localisation of the casino, in particular, being rated quite highly. The layout has also been praised and the cashback has been well received, although some players understandably feel a bit nostalgic for the traditional bonus and free games.

Is Buumi Casino Reliable?

There's no need to worry about reliability or integrity when it comes to this site's offerings, as Buumi is the epitome and paragon of fair gaming! The site is completely secure and operated by an experienced company with a proven track record in the industry, so on that basis alone, it is built on a solid and reliable foundation.

The site is also properly licensed by competent and very strict authorities, who also supervise the casino's activities. This of course means that players have nothing to worry about! The strict supervision and the terms and conditions of the licence ensure that the gaming site is completely honest and fair.


Now that we've roasted through Buumi's offerings at high speed, it's worth pausing for a moment to review what impressions of the casino ultimately left us with, and in what areas we saw successes. It's probably no secret at this point that this casino took our team by surprise and managed to wedge itself into the absolute top ten of the Best New Casino list.

The stylish design and functional theme made an impression right from the start, but it wasn't until you started playing that the real quality of the site became clear. There's such a staggering number of top-ranked games on offer that it doesn't matter! There's also a good level of perks, although the traditional welcome offer has been replaced by a delicious amount of cash back.

Other things have been done exceptionally well, with localisation, customer service and user-friendliness all deserving praise. Combine all this with the ease and convenience of no deposit play and you have a very fast-paced and truly functional modern package that can be recommended without reservation to any gambling enthusiast.

Buumi Casino FAQ

Is Buumi a safe casino?

Security at this casino site is at the absolute top and undisputedly top-notch. The encryption is in place and player data is in excellent hands.

Does Buumi Casino give out bonuses to its players?

Yes! They offer a massive cashback of up to 15%! In addition, there are 300 weekly free spins on offer.

How do I open an account at Buumi Casino?

There is no need or requirement to open a separate account. Simply make a deposit and authenticate with your bank credentials and you're ready to play conveniently and securely.

Is Buumi Casino a scam?

This is a completely honest gambling site. There is no scam involved, the site is strictly monitored and is run by a reputable operator.

How can I make deposits and withdrawals at Buumi Casino?

There are many options to deposit and cash out at Buumi Casino, including credit cards, instant banking, and cryptos! The service is truly secure and dazzlingly fast!

Which license does Buumi Casino operate under?

It has an eGaming license (8048/JAZ) and is subject to the Curacao legislations. This also means that is a non-tax-free gaming site for most online casino players.

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