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With some wild gaming and wild animal fun in store, our team is heading out today for entertainment games, endangered Saimaa ringed seal conservation, and more! All this, of course, takes place in the brand-new Norppa Kasino, which is sure to be a hit with many players.

This newcomer is backed by a company that many of you will be familiar with, R&B Innovations N.V., which is also behind the hugely popular and wildly fun Doggo Casino. So the animal-themed tinkering in the world of entertainment gaming continues and players can once again expect a hard-hitting performance from this trusted company.

If you are already familiar with Doggo Casino, you already know what's in store for Norppa Kasino. The theme includes an animal theme, great games, and many other things that we will go through in depth in this review.

Norppa Kasino UI/UX 

Based on the exterior, the feel is as joyful and fun as its sister site, Norppa, which is to delight players with a successful visual design that makes it easy and fun to enjoy the site. In addition to the animalistic feel, the site also focuses on clarity, making for a delightfully modern and easy-to-use package.

The theme of the site is, of course, Saimaa orcas, which is a very successful and distinctive choice. Of course, the walrus would have been an even more topical choice of aquatic creature than the seal, but instead, the endangered Saimaa ringed seal is deservedly placed at the top of the list. So there really are some happy seal characters on offer!

What's also fun about this theme is that it's not just an over-the-top hoax, but the company behind it also commits to a monthly charity in aid of the Saimaa ringed seal. So by playing here, you get to enjoy a great look and feel, as well as the protection of an endangered and magnificent animal.

Norppa Casino Bonuses 

You can get started at the fresh Norppa Kasino with a very good introductory offer, which means that every new player will be taken care of with very nice benefits. There's a really strong and tasty starter package, including as much as €200 worth of chips, plus a hefty 200 free spins!

  • First deposit: 100% bonus up to €200 + 200 free spins

This great value-added package offers a lot of extra value, so you can get into the heart of the action and the thrill of the action very comfortably. So far, there is no definite information on how the package will be distributed to players, so more information on this will be available as soon as the site opens.

So it could be that the whole junk will be pushed directly to the players with the opening deposit. It could also be that the free games included in the package will be distributed in smaller installments over several days after the deposit. We will update the wagering requirements and other additional details here soon.

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Norppa Kasino Games 

In terms of offerings, Norppa is strictly focused on entertainment games, meaning you won't find any betting or other extra shenanigans here. The emphasis is clearly on the games and it shows, as the selection is entertaining, comprehensive, and otherwise second to none!

The entertainment offered by the operator is divided into two main categories, which are of course traditional games and live entertainment. A number of well-known game providers with a strong offering have also deservedly been brought in, meaning that the site's selection is of the highest quality possible.

The well-known legends of the gaming industry such as Microgaming and NetEnt are, of course, in the mix, not forgetting the absolute top name in live gaming such as Evolution Gaming. This strong offering and high-quality line-up will ensure that even the most discerning and quality-conscious gambler will have a blast here.


Hard-hitting slots entertainment is, of course, the cornerstone and foundation of any entertainment gaming site, and that's why Norppa has also invested heavily in slots. There's colourful and winning entertainment to be found here, so fans of this genre will have a blast here.

So there are plenty of slots to choose from. In addition to a dedicated slots section in this operator's games room, you'll also find many hot slots in the popular and new games subcategories. So it's worth checking these out too, if you've got a taste for good slots.


The action continues on the jackpot games side, of course, so there's plenty of good grinders and progressive mega slots to be had. It's not the most comprehensive selection in the world, but fortunately, quality makes up for quantity in a first-class way.

The hardest spearheads of the insane line-up are of course the various Mega Moolah games, which are nicely presented on the site. There are also smaller pot titles, so you can chase hot million-dollar winnings all over the place in a nice and comfortable way on this fresh site.

Live Dealer 

When a player takes the leap to the live side of Norpa Kasino, there's some really fun stuff on offer! With some of the absolute top names in this sector, from both Evolution and Pragmatic Play, there's a range of games and card tables to choose from.

You can jump on the live gaming bandwagon with the familiar card games, for example, but there's also a wide variety of roulette and other table games, all run by our lovely game masters via video link. Modern game show hits are also on the menu!

Other Games

If you want to enjoy familiar table games without other players and a real game master, Norppa Kasino is the place to do it! With a decent selection of everything from roulette to baccarat and everything in between, there's plenty to choose from.

There's also a few different bingo games going on, which can be easily found using the search function. The same goes for scratch cards, of which there are a handful that can be found using the search term “scratch”. On top of all this, there's also an impeccable selection of the best Megaways games, so overall the selection is really good.

Popular Casino Games

Norppa Kasino Banking 

Following the example set by its big brother, Norppa doesn't offer players a modern speed experience with just bank credentials, but instead requires you to create an account in the so-called traditional style. Fortunately, this means that the site offers a delightfully comprehensive range of payment methods!

Even if you can't log in with your bank details, the site still offers a nice speed and a nice ride! The fastest methods are online wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, meaning that using these methods players can withdraw winnings to their own account as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Of course, there are many other payment methods that customers can use if they wish. This section includes standard bank transfers and debit cards, as well as Paysafe Card. Cryptocurrencies are also covered, so players can also use Bitcoins and other coins to play the games if they wish.

Norppa Kasino Support 

The customer support at this site is top-notch, as the whole thing is fully localised! No language skills or rallying English required, players can contact support in their own familiar and safe native tongue. This makes Norppa Kasino a great choice for just about any player!

As usual, players are offered support via both email ([email protected]) and live chat. Of course, it's best to choose the channel of contact based on the nature and urgency of the issue, as live chat is great for more acute issues and email for less acute problems.

However, as a general rule, chat is always a good choice, whatever the situation, as it provides help very quickly and solves problems quickly and with a smile. Support is available to players during extensive opening hours, so relief is always just a chat button away!

Norppa Kasino Reviews 

“What a fun looking site! The seal mascot alone is so cute, I was sold once I saw it. Plus the nice benefits package and the fact that you don't have to use your bank account to play, you can enjoy the entertainment the old-fashioned way by creating an account!”

“Extremely functional package. The look and feel is undeniably appealing to me and it's fun that the site dares to be playful in its theme. The content is also top notch, meaning there are plenty of quality games to choose from. I think this is a very exemplary package.”

A newcomer of unbelievable quality. I like the fact that the site has been localised properly and carefully, because nothing annoys as much as robotically translated gibberish. Here, things are done to perfection, which is always worthy of applause, of course!”

So far, the players have left a lot of positive feedback on Norpa, which means that the customers' opinions of the site are very positive, as you can see above. No real criticism was even voiced in these best bits of experience, which is of course always a good sign.

Fortunately, however, the praise was not short of praise, which means that customers were very satisfied with this results page in many respects. Traditional payment methods, a clean, distinctive and cute layout, as well as quality localisation, and an excellent games library all garnered praise. Of course, the pre-package was also praised, as it should be!

Final Thoughts 

Animal lovers are once again in for a real treat, as the brand-new Norppa Kasino is an excellent show! The animal theme alone is sure to get many an animal digger's socks in a twist, but when you add in charity and helping endangered Saimaa ringed seals, you've got an unmissable show!

The site delivers in every aspect, so a seal exterior and charity aren't the only things this site has going for it. There's an insane amount of gameplay on offer and the titles included are absolutely hard and hot, with no category leaving you cold!

In addition to the good offerings, Norppa also has a great package of perks that is quite functional and enjoyable. The final home run is hit with great and fully localised customer service, which makes this site tailor-made for every player! No English or other language skills are required, you can enjoy the Norse action easily and fluently in your own language!

Is Norppa Kasino reliable?

We focus only on presenting trustworthy operators, so this alone will allow the astute reader to conclude that Norppa is a completely honest and factual site that you can trust to operate with integrity. In other words, this is a totally trustworthy gaming site that focuses on nothing but fair play.

The site is regulated by the authorities and has been granted an official operating licence by the Curacao authorities (8048/JAZ2021-012). Combine this licence with the fact that the site is run by a well-known and experienced company and you can say that Norppa Kasino is a very honest and legitimate site.

What kind of player is Norppa Kasino best suited for?

Actually, just about every player falls into this operator's target group, which means that the whole package is very well tailored to suit everyone! For example, no language skills are required at all, and a very competent localisation team ensures that even if your tongue is frozen, you'll still be entertained.

As far as the benefits and games are concerned, the site's atmosphere and variety is also impressive, meaning that there is plenty of entertainment and benefits are distributed in a very good way. This makes the site a suitable destination for both benefit hunters and lovers of quality games, making it very easy to recommend the site to anyone.

In addition to all the other good things, the charitable nature of the site is the kind of thing that can't help but bring a smile to your face. If you want to do your bit to help protect the Saimaa ringed seal through the site's monthly charitable donations, animal lovers should definitely focus their gaming efforts on Norppa Kasino!

Norppa Casino F.A.Q.

Is Norppa Kasino a safe website?

This site is definitely one of the best when it comes to security, as all the security issues are excellent.

Does Norppa Kasino give out bonuses to its players?

Oh yes, both of these goodies are thrown at players with their opening deposit! The site's welcome package includes a total of €200 free cash and 200 free spins!

How do you open an account at Norppa Kasino?

Anyone starting out can create an account for themselves with ease and simplicity, directly from the operator's homepage.

Is Norppa Kasino a scam?

No, this site is definitely not scamming its customers or anyone else, so you can enjoy the services of this honest operator without any unnecessary worries.

How can I make deposits and withdrawals at Norppa Kasino?

The payment options offered by the site are truly comprehensive, meaning that there's sure to be a suitable transfer method for every player, and one that's easy to find.

Which license does Norppa Kasino operate under and are winnings tax-free?

This site is licensed outside of Europe, which means that all European customers of the site will have to pay taxes on their winnings.

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