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The fireworks are popping and the colours are flashing as fresh blood has once again burst onto the market in the form of a brilliant gaming venue. Not one to slow down, Slotsflix is delivering hard-hitting action in a very stylish setting, so it's worth staying tuned. As the name suggests, this is an environment where you'll find plenty of slots to play, which is of course by far the most popular category of games.

While we get to enjoy fresh and modern gaming concentrations at a close pace, all too often these operators are carved from the exact same cloth. Slotsflix, however, is not one of these clones but has thrown in some of its own. Owner Familypot B.V. is known for its backgrounds including All In Casino, so the cub has a good platform for its own rise.

There's no-holds-barred gaming on offer, which of course will appeal to today's time-conscious gambling heroes. So, no time is wasted, so let's get straight to the point and get to the bottom of this newcomer.

Slotsflix UI/UX 

Often, the aim is to create as clear and simple an exterior as possible to make the visitor's journey through the site as smooth as possible. The designers are too eager to focus solely on this goal and artistic creativity is then sadly left behind. As a result, the services remain monotonous and somewhat boring.

Sinking into this pit can discourage players, so some visual hook needs to be created. Slotsflix is one of these pumps, managing to combine a clear framework with some nice elements.

The front page banner is so diverse and stylish that it doesn't get any better. An element with fine moving parts adds a nice touch around the deposit window. In addition, the colourful lights add a splash of colour to the dark Slotsflix portal, where the game icons stand out nicely. Overall, the outer shell is airy, and at no point does the user feel visually overwhelmed.

In terms of technology, only the most modern solutions have been harnessed, so gaming journeys are really smooth. The platform on which the site is built is extremely fast, making gaming on both desktop and smartphone a breeze. Add to this the clear look and feel that we've already seen, and you have a quality release.

Navigation and movement have been made as easy as possible so that every individual can enjoy themselves in a comfortable way. There are many different tools to make surfing easier, so the likelihood of getting lost is nil. Slotsflix, therefore, offers both a side menu with a wide range of useful links and a top bar that allows you to perform a few key functions.

This package also includes account-free play, so you'll be able to accelerate to top speeds and Slotsflix won't fine you for speeding. All you need to log in is your personal bank account details, which you can use to both confirm money transfers and verify your identity. In terms of usability, there is little room for improvement, as this package has been launched in a fully pre-packaged version.

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Slotsflix Bonuses

It's a good time to keep your eyes, ears and other senses open, as information about the latest release's welcome campaign is being dribbled out from this direction. Slotsflix isn't skimping but is offering players starting out on their journey a fantastic benefit split over their first two deposits.

  • 1st deposit: 100% advantage up to €300
  • 2nd deposit: 50% advantage up to €200

Up to €500 worth of chips will fall into your pocket, which is a very competitive amount by many standards. To take advantage of this offer, a deposit of at least €20 must be made both times. In particular, doubling your first deposit is a great way to get started with a newcomer. The second time around, the odds are slightly lower, but there are still cash benefits to be had.

These chips are kept strictly separate from your own funds and are not mixed up in the 40x wagering requirements. Fortunately, the operator provides detailed rules for taking advantage of the promotion and it is advisable to read them before taking up the offer.

Slotsflix Games 

Now that the appetisers are done, it's time to move on to the hot meal itself: the games library. In a handsome setting, you can enjoy the most popular slot machines on the market, which of course always brings a smile to the face of the gaming community. Slotsflix has assembled a catalogue full of machines from top studios that serve as the cornerstones of this range.

Of these publishers, a few names stand out, all of whom will have heard of, let alone tested, their machines. NetEnt, Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming have all joined the journey. In addition to these mega houses, there are a number of smaller players expanding the range, so there's a nice variety on offer.

With thousands of games to choose from and plenty of choice to share, players can get their hands on exactly the games they want. The products are also divided into a number of categories to make browsing easier and these categories contain the most popular groupings.


The category that still carries the cloak of the most sought-after category is of course very much in the game. Despite their simple design, these games offer a wide variety of things to do, with the ability to change the stakes and a wide range of themes to add variety to your trips.

This category has shaped up to be one of Slotsflix's biggest and there's a fairly simple explanation for it, which we also touched on above. In terms of quality, the bar has been raised to world-record highs, so there's certainly never a dull moment.


If you're not in the mood for a little spice and want something bigger, it's a good time to move on to the jackpot category. These games are very attractive in the sense that the potential for big money is always there. Slotsflix has done a good job with its selection and has also brought these devices to its site.

When you look at the coverage, you can see that there is a sledgehammer cage of people, so it's small but big. The number is limited to just over a dozen, but this should not be allowed to fool you, as there are even tougher players in this group. There are familiar names like Divine Fortune, as well as a few variations on Mega Moolah games.


Traditional slot machines and jackpots have also been joined by fresh blood in the form of MW games. These machines are sort of like versions of the standard grinders, but with added randomness in the form of variable paylines. This adds more action to each spin and is the basis of the popularity of this category.

The payouts offered by these machines are also pleasant amounts, and certainly not on the small end of the scale. Slotsflix offers a very competent list of these machines, so you're in for a good time with this bunch as well.

Table Games

These two wagons offer a full house of traditional action for both card and roulette lovers. These forms of entertainment will be very familiar to many people, whether they're from a group of friends' dinner party or from scenes in a film, for example. This is as close as you can get to a real gaming site without moving to one.

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to live gaming, but almost all of them have one thing in common. It is the manufacturer, as most of the games come from the Evolution studio, the clear market leader in these circles.

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Slotsflix Payments  

The new operator has opted for a modern payment method for every deposit and withdrawal. After much deliberation, Slotsflix has decided to use Zimpler, which enables fast transfers. This is a very reliable service, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your own euros. The only thing to be aware of is the minimum limit of €20 for both deposits and withdrawals.

The basic feature of this payment method is that transfers are made using online banking credentials. From the deposit window, you can select the bank you use and then it works in the same way as logging into your online bank. Once you have confirmed your deposit, the funds will be credited to your account almost instantly and you can start playing without having to wait too long.

The same formula is repeated for withdrawals, where you first choose the amount you want to withdraw. Slotsflix then directs you to confirm the withdrawal request with your bank ID, during which your identity is also automatically authenticated. As a result, your withdrawals will also move like greased lightning to the right address.

Slotsflix Support 

The aim is to make users feel as comfortable as possible so that they feel part of something bigger. While most of the time travelling can be a bed of roses, occasionally reality hits you in the face with a wet blanket and problematic situations pop up. This is when it is important to have professional and friendly customer service staff on hand.

Problems and questions can be sent to the Slotsflix support team at any time of the day or night because this team works a full-time job. Of course, it's not the same people at the front desk who are bored out of their minds; you'll always be greeted by a cheerful finch whose main job is to make it easy for you to get through and solve your problems.

There are two options for sending messages, chat and email ([email protected]), the former being the perfect choice for dealing with acute situations at Slotsflix too. If you encounter any unpleasant situations during your gaming trip, pressing the speech bubble in the bottom right-hand corner will take you directly to a customer service representative.

Gambling Licence 

In order to offer gambling on its own service, every operator needs a licence from a public authority. This ensures the reliability of the gaming sites, as they must comply with strict regulations.

This time, the licence has been applied for from Curacao (8048/JAZ), whose local institution is one of the biggest players in the industry. Slotsflix's certification is therefore the real deal, which speaks for itself about the quality and reliability of the site. The authority monitors the activities of gaming sites and takes a strict stance on collusion, so you can rest assured of security.

Slotsflix Reviews 

“Signing up was easy and quick with bank credentials, and there was no other noticeable slowdown. Games opened quickly and withdrawals were very fast. Definitely on to the next level.”

“The layout is very clear, which of course makes it easy to use. It was easy to navigate around the site and there were plenty of games to choose from.”

“A very good package for a subscription-free operator, but I prefer to use other payment methods. Leaving that aside, I did like it a lot. Customer service was very responsive and I was able to get my situation resolved.”

Although Slotsflix is a recently opened gaming hub, positive feedback is already available. Of course, this bodes well for the future, as it's been a model start.

Among other things, players praised the ease of use and the smooth logins and money transfers. The range of games and their size were also highlighted, and no wonder, as it is a quality catalogue. When customer support is efficient, it is easy to untie the knots when problems arise.

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The long wait is finally rewarded as the newcomer celebrates its grand opening. The company, which has impressed with its previous releases, has once again managed to deliver on a strong level and Slotsflix is a very stylish package both externally and internally.

A really high-quality and extensive game library has been incorporated into a very scrollable and easy-to-use layout. There is hardly a weak link to be found in this selection, and the offering is top-notch throughout the catalogue. Otherwise, the operation is also smooth, with login and payments being made using bank credentials.

When we finally got to know Slotsflix, we can say with good reason that it is a model operator. Players can enjoy a great game on a great platform, so what more can you ask for from a site with a great reputation?

Do we recommend Slotsflix?

The subtitle question is always a tricky one, as it is rare to identify a specific target audience. Unless, of course, the theme of a recent release makes it clear, identifying a specific group of players is left to the imagination.

Now that our editors' lips were untied in the conference room, the following conclusion was reached. Slotsflix is like a friend from school, always inviting you over without any big plans. He has every hobby tool and gadget you need to have a good time together. What's more, this friend is always on hand to offer support and security at every turn.

This is a potential address for many players and a newcomer worth getting to know. Its clarity and ease of use will allow even beginners to have a good time, while more demanding and experienced spinners will be pleased with the range of options available.

Is Slotsflix a scam?

The company responsible for operating the gaming hub has already done a good job with previous releases, so there is no decade bubble planned with this site. There is no sign of a scam on display, so breathing into the paper bag can be stopped immediately.

The operation is secured by the latest technologies that protect the user's data as well as funds. When payments move through a well-known payment service, we can be sure that encryption is in place. Add to this the strong security of the site and surfing the waves offered by Slotsflix is safe.

The final lock, of course, is the gaming authority, whose license this site holds. Monitoring is rigorous and ongoing, so there's no chance of getting side-tracked. These things make Slotsflix a trustworthy place, and there are no nasty tricks to be found. This is an environment that offers nothing but honest and fair gaming, from which players can derive fun for their own daily lives.

Slotsflix FAQ 

Is Slotsflix a reliable online casino?

You can rest assured with this provider, as they ensure security with strong encryption, among other things. In addition, regulatory supervision keeps it off the beaten track.

How do I open an account at Slotsflix?

You do not need to open an account, it is automatically created when you make your first deposit by authenticating with your online banking credentials.

Where can I read about experiences with Slotsflix online casino?

On this page, we provide you with a wide range of players' thoughts about the online gaming site, along with our own views, which have been written by our editors.

Does Slotsflix offer bonuses and free spins to new customers?

There's plenty of welcome goodies on offer, with the newcomer giving away benefits for up to two first deposits. A total of €500 worth of chips are on offer to get your journey off to the best possible start.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals at Slotsflix online casino?

Since the chosen method of operation is authentication with bank IDs, transfers are confirmed every time. This allows for near real-time money transactions, so both deposits and withdrawals are instant.

Is Slotsflix a scam?

There is no need to worry about this new operator as it is an honest gambling site. The underlying company is known for its reliability and many partners are involved to enable secure payments as well as gaming entertainment.

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