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Squeeze every last drop of juice out of Casilime and head over to this brand-new and incredibly classy site, with the best games and more on the way!


Autumn starts with a rainy start, but luckily there's joy in the midst of the grey, with a fresh batch of chess balls, among other things! Today we have one of these newcomers, so today's task is to get to know Casilime and its offerings very carefully, so let's go and see which way the wind is blowing this time.

The new site is run by White Hat Gaming, a company that has made a name for itself with Sisu Kasino and many other gaming brands such as Huikee Kasino. Based on this, we can expect that this newcomer to the gaming family will also manage to charm both the reviewer and the players!

So now there's nothing else to do but roll up your sleeves and dive into Casilime! In this review, our team of entertainment gaming experts will go through this newcomer's repertoire with a thoroughly thorough eye for detail, which means that we'll have a lot to say about this fast-paced gaming cave in the traditional style.

Overall Look 

On the surface, Casilime makes it immediately clear that there's a lot of fun and action to be had! This site doesn't waste players' time with any nonsense like creating an account, but instead, you can get right to the games via the most direct route possible, right from the front page of the cave!

There's no more flashy action on this site, but the focus is clearly on speed and actual gaming, so there's no extra shenanigans on offer. This is a very valid and good solution because the purpose of this site is to play and have fun, not to watch circus tricks.

Visually, the whole thing is sure to satisfy customers used to modern, clean-lined gaming chairs, so it's a very eye-catching and fully functional site. It's not cluttered at all, it's easy to use and the Casilime experience is wonderfully effortless.

Casilime Bonus

Just recently, Casilime managed to keep the details of the package under wraps for a long time, but now the definite information about the quantity and quality of the initial offer has finally been made public. As it happens, this upstart newcomer is not offering any of the traditional benefits to newcomers.

Free play and other benefits will therefore remain a pipe dream, at least at this stage, and are not on offer from this site. This is of course a small shame, but the lack of benefits is very common on such modern speed betting sites.

Even cash back is not on offer, although it is often offered on these Pay N Play Casinos instead of the usual package of benefits. However, the site does offer a loyalty programme and weekly cash draws, so Casilime customers don't have to suffer without benefits.

Bonus for New Players

Casilime Games 

The entertainment on offer here is enough to make your hips jiggle, so if you have a taste for traditional, quality entertainment in the world of gambling, Casilime certainly won't disappoint. Overall, the games library is very similar to that of, for example, Power, with a focus on slots but plenty more to choose from!

As is traditional, the site's content is split between a traditional casino and a live pool, meaning entertainment is provided under both umbrellas. Instead, nothing extra or special like betting has been dragged in at all, with the emphasis on the classic and ever-so-popular entertainment games.

The games are offered in a very competent manner across a wide range of categories, making it both easy and fun to find your favourites. Of course, the search function, which is nowadays pretty basic, also makes it easy to find your favourite games, or even the game producers from the large selection of games on the site.


As you might expect, the colourful and hot slot games are of course the hottest thing that Casilime has to offer its customers. The site offers a violent selection of the best quality on the market, which means that slot lovers will be well and truly entertained!

The great selection is of course made up of slots from the best producers in the industry, so you can enjoy the evergreen hits from NetEnt, as well as the dark and stylish top slots from Yggdrasil, for example.

Jackpot games

There's also a small but very piquant collection of jackpot games to be found on this site, so there's plenty to keep you entertained here too. The best progressive mega slots are also included, so the small selection is not spoilt by any second-rate products.

Of course, the best and most premium end of the range is represented by the various Mega Moolah titles, of which there is a nice selection. Of course, there are also classics from NetEnt such as Jackpot 6000 and Divine Fortune, so there's plenty to choose from.

Live games

There's a diamond in the rough in the live section too, meaning there's a whole host of titles run by real gamemasters to be found here. This is of course provided by the absolute top in the industry, Evolution Gaming, who are widely known for their excellent live games.

The quality is therefore as high as it can possibly be, so there's really no need to suffer through low-quality live games here. From game shows to a wide variety of roulette games, you'll find all the familiar grinders, so there's plenty to choose from and plenty of it!

Other games

If you're looking for something a little more special than usual, Casilime has that covered, at least to a reasonable degree. The games menu has a section dedicated to the hotly-tipped Megaways, for example, with a number of paylines that will make even the most experienced player's head spin.

Of course, there are also some more special treats, such as scratch cards. There are dozens of different types of scratchcards on offer, so if you're interested in the virtual environment of a petrol station bar, this section is well worth checking out.

Casilime Payments 

All payments on this site are handled centrally through a single channel, which is the familiar and modern name of the game – deposit and play. Here, payments are routed through Zimpler, which means easy and simple money transfers using your own online banking credentials.

Immediately on the Casilime homepage, you can choose the amount you want to deposit and make a deposit. Once you click the button, you will need to confirm both your deposit and your identity by logging into Zimpler's secure service using your own bank details. This way, the money is transferred instantly and best of all, no account creation is required at all.

It is therefore extremely easy to use and secure. Thanks to strong authentication, no one else can access your account or your funds, and Zimpler also offers amazing speed! All payments are processed in real-time, meaning that an approved withdrawal will be credited directly to your bank account within minutes!

Casilime Support 

Here, customers are treated with the respect they deserve, meaning players are served as well as they can possibly be! Casilime's customer support is also fully localised, which means that the site offers assistance to all players, regardless of language level.

The first step when facing a problem is, of course, to contact the site's support team. At this point, players are offered choices and options, as support can be accessed either via live chat or email ([email protected]). The latter is best suited to situations where there is not a huge rush on the site, so emailing is a good idea if you are not in a firestorm when it comes to sorting things out.

However, in the event of a major emergency, it's definitely worth clicking open the live chat and heading to the Casilime customer support team. This way, you'll get help without waiting around, and the friendly and helpful team members will sort out any problems and issues in a fast and friendly manner, which is exactly how it should be.

Exclusive Games and Free Spins

Is Casilime for me? 

If you're looking for a straightforward operation and a site that works via authentication, Casilime is a very valid choice. It's easy to play through Zimpler and it's secure and hassle-free, meaning you don't have to worry about filling in forms and waiting days for your winnings to be withdrawn.

Of course, the fully localised site and customer service is a particular highlights, making this a great choice for players who only have one option in their language toolbox. So there's no need to start spouting English, everything works easily and securely in your native tongue.

The actual steak on the site – the games on offer – is also in good shape, so there's plenty of entertainment and a high level of quality in this sector too. Players who enjoy slots in particular should take a look at the site's offerings, as Casilime has a truly diverse and hard-hitting game deck from some of the best manufacturers in the industry.

Casilime Reviews 

“A nice and neat looking package. I'm most comfortable on modern sites like this, and I'm tired of hanging out in outdated arcades. In that respect, this is a great and unmissable case, with plenty of entertainment and modern style!”

“It's a pity there's no front pack. Sure, this is being offset a bit by the loyalty programme and other promotions, but a dedicated offer-hunter like me still thinks there's no winning the traditional initial offer. Other than that, it's a great set.”

“An elegant and streamlined set that is a pleasure to use. However, the newcomer was a disappointment in terms of benefits, so I really hope that the benefits package will be added to the range one day. Luckily, the games were all ironclad, so yes, this is still a very good site!”

A few customers have already found their way to Casilime, where there were some disappointments and some pleasant surprises. The only disappointment was the lack of a front pack, which is of course a nasty blemish, but in the big picture a pretty minor complaint.

But the compliments came in very well! The site's modern style and fast-paced feel was praised from floor to ceiling and ground to sky, and customers also had a great time with the games on offer.

Is Casilime OK?

Every player can dive into this operator's services with confidence, as the people at Casilime have a clean slate. This is guaranteed, for example, by the fact that the cave is run by an experienced and well-established operator who has earned the trust of players by offering a wide range of honest and functional gaming venues.

Of course, the official operating licence held by the site, which comes from the Maltese authorities (MGA/B2C/370/2017), is another factor. These same authorities also make sure that the site respects the rules of fair play and that everything is done honestly within the rules! On this basis, it can therefore be confirmed that Casilime is a trustworthy operator.


This site is a very welcome addition to the ranks of fast-paced bankcard gaming sites, and it didn't leave our review team cold at all! It ran like the proverbial train, with no dips or dives in any area.

For readers looking for good games, Casilime is a must-see, as there's some great stuff here for fans of all kinds of titles! Whether you're into spinning slots, chasing jackpots or playing live, it's all more than possible here. So there's a whole lot of entertainment to be had!

In addition to all the other good stuff, Casilime also offers a quality and competitive environment that's easy to enjoy. Safety, speed and Zimpler happily go hand in hand with great localisation, so if you're interested in a quality package like this, you should take a test drive immediately.

Casilime FAQ

Is Casilime a safe casino?

Indeed, this operator is reliable and safe in every way! This means that you can turn to the site's offerings without any worries.

Does Casilime give out bonuses or free spins to its players?

This site does not offer any modern-style package of benefits, which means that any initial gifts are a dream come true. Fortunately, there are other goodies to be found on the promotions page.

How do I open a Casilime Casino account?

There's no need or requirement for players to create a traditional account, and things get off to a good start with a login without creating an account.

Is Casilime a scam?

It's an honest site so there's no scamming players or anyone else, it's all about fair play!

How can I make deposits and withdrawals at Casilime?

The list of payment methods is small but peppered, so there's only one safe and swift method to handle all your payments.

Which license does Casilime operate under and are winnings tax-free?

This operator is licensed outside the EU, so all EU players should remember to pay taxes on winnings in the appropriate manner.

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